Tuesday, 20 August 2013

It's all gone crazy

The allotment is cropping wonderfully at the moment, some things more than we can cope with.

New Potatoes:

Been cropping these for a while now, in fact we haven't bought any potatoes since early July. The type is Epicure and I must confess I didn't think they'd crop very well due to the dry early summer, but as you can see they're doing wonderfully.

 And they make the best chips too!!!

Other things cropping really well at the moment are:

Spring onions, courgettes, mini sweet corn, french beans, beetroot and Italian flat leaf parsley.

Had a real surprise with these carrots this afternoon, I've been leaving them for weeks because every time I checked the on the surface they looked very small. Today I thought the plants looked really big so I pulled one, to my surprise the carrot under the ground was really long, So I pulled enough for dinner.

I'm growing flowers too, for use in the B&B, flowering really well at the moment are the Dahlias and the sunflowers, the Statice is coming to and end now although I've been picking arms full for weeks.  I picked my first Gladioli today, a lovely mixture and purple and green.