Tuesday, 11 February 2014

All Ready For The Spring

I've finished digging over my plot last week, it's all looking very bare.

This week I had a large load of manure delivered, that has now been spread over the top half of my plot.


The only thing that's growing at the moment is my garlic. About two inches showing now, ready to burst into life once the weather warms up.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Seed Potatoes

Everyone should grow at least a few potatoes on their allotment and now is the time to plan.

The seed Potatoes are in B&Q and Simpson's and they're not in stock for long, so to make sure you're not left with the dregs I'd buy them now and store them in a cold, frost free place ready for chitting later in the season.

I've bought:-

Main Crop: 

Roosters: Lovely potatoes, never grown them before.

Desiree: Did brilliantly last year so growing again. (Ordered online, not arrived yet).



Pentland Javelin: Never tried these before either, although I did have success with another early last year.

Each bag should do a row, except the pentland javelin, that bag only contains 10 and even if I cut them in half that's not going to be enough for a whole row, just thinking I should have bought two.