Friday, 12 July 2013

Warm Weather, Works For Some Things

A few more crops are ready recently, the two most exciting for me are new potatoes and strawberries, neither of which I've managed to grow before.

I dug into the soil at the end of June to check my new potatoes (Epicure) but they were still quite small so I left them for another 2 weeks.

Now they look like this and are lovely cooked with sprigs of mint and served with butter.

You can't beat the taste of home grown spuds.

I netted my strawberries about a week ago, I thought the birds wouldn't find them up their, but one afternoon I went up to weed and found a couple of strawberries scattered with chunks missing even though the weren't ripe.

So I loosely draped a net over the whole row and
yesterday went and picked my first crop.

Alas not everything on the allotment is enjoying the recent weather, my cauliflowers are a disaster. I think the ground is too dry for them as we've not had any proper rain for weeks. Most of the row have just flopped over and died, I have about 5 plants left from a row of 20. Strangely the cabbages are doing really well, they don't seem to mind the dry.

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