Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Lots to do at the moment

Had to crop my onions this week. A bit earlier than they should be, but my potato plants next to them had got so tall that in the strong wind they'd flopped over the onions and underneath the onions were damp and going off.

Not a bad crop of white onions considering, red onions very disappointing, again! Don't think I'll grow them again..... and I don't think I'll grow my onions next to the potatoes again either.

Having a problem with my carrots, last post they were cropping well, but some animal, I think a badger is digging them up. He's eaten all of my early carrot row, apart from the ones I've dug. I've put heavy stones next to the fence where he's getting under and I'm really hoping he doesn't discover my other two rows of carrots.

Other things cropping well at the moment: baby sweetcorn, courgettes, flat leaf parsley, spring onions, new potatoes, french beans,  dahlias and gladioli.  Especially pleased with these green gladioli.

I also have two pumpkins growing, getting quite sizable. Saw the plants it Simpsons, didn't think they'd do much, I could be wrong.

The other two things I'm having problems with is catapillers on my cabbages, they've shredded one row, hardly any leaves on them and weeds which have gone crazy since the rains came.

Need to think about lifting my potato crop in the next couple of weeks. The "Desire" have got blight and the plants are dying off but should still be a good crop. The "Golden Wonder" seem to be resisting.

Yes, that really is a courgette!!

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