Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Winter Veg

It might be only 3 weeks to Christmas but there's still lots of fresh produce available on the allotment.

Carrots, beetroot, spring onion, cabbage, leeks and even parsley. 

Most root vegetables will last through the winter, my still plenty of carrots and beetroot on my plot.

The leeks are cropping well this year, they also should stand up to the winter weather, although the outer leaves do tend to go a little much when it's very cold.

Despite the summer vandalism by the caterpillars I still have lots of cabbages, like the leeks the outer leaves might go a little bit off in very cold weather, but they can always be peeled off and the rest used.

The spring onions and the parsley will not fair so well in the snow, but at the moment they're still doing well.

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