Monday, 2 February 2015

Seed Potatoes

I was in the local garden centre today and the seed potatoes were on sale, it's early to be thinking about planting them however in previous years I've been caught out, when I've been back to buy them later in the season many have sold out and what they have have gone soft from sitting in the warm shop for weeks on end.

Not going to get caught out this year, I've bought the following today.

Desiree - Main crop, 3 x 2kg bags. This should be enough for 3 rows, maybe 4.

Foremost - First Earlies 1 x 2kg bag, This will give me 1 row.

Slugs are a constant problem on my allotment so I've chosen both of these varieties because of their slug resistance.

I don't usually bother with chitting, but since I have the seed potatoes already I will start them off.

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