Friday, 17 April 2015

Tattie planting time

It's tatie planting time again, good job my allotment is now completely dug over. 

We had some dry warm weather last week so I ran my tiller machine over the bottom half of my plot and planted my potatoes.

I use the method I've used for years now as it seems successful and saves all that messing about with earthing up.

I dig a trench about 2-3" deep, put my seed potatoes along it and then pile the earth up over the potatoes to a depth of about 9" high digging another trench as I go. 

I've planted 5 rows this year, 1 row of first earlier, Foremost, and 4 rows of main crop Desire, I've selected both of these varieties because they are slug resistant, a big problem on my plot.

Don't forget if you're planting reasonably large seed potatoe you can cut them in two so that each piece is about the size of a golf ball, as long as they both have a growing eye on them. A great way to increase the number of plants, so increase the yeald. 

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